Robust Design

Robust Design – a further development of mts Consulting & Engineering GmbH from Design for Six Sigma

Our further development Robust Design, derived from “Design for Six Sigma DfSS” and “Lean Six Sigma”, shows you completely different dimensions. Robust Design supports the development of concepts, ensures new product developments and creates robust, optimized product designs and processes.

We have further optimized Robust Design and successfully applied the best practice approach in more than 800 projects.

We analyze your data, derive cause-effect relationships and discuss the measures and solutions with you. The result will be a high quality product and process – and sustainable.

With most approaches, this is only possible to a limited extent, with the mts approach, based on Robust Design, we solve almost any of your issues efficiently and sustainably.

Robust design optimizes and secures products and processes and thus prevents functional risks in the field or rejects and guarantees consistently high product quality and stable manufacturing processes with fast cycle times.

Every product and every process consists of many parts or process steps that are more or less strongly interdependent. This means that every product can be described with the mathematical function:

(Xi with 1 to n influencing variables)

Each of these influencing variables has more or less influence on the quality of the product. The aim is to filter out precisely the influencing factors that have a significant and medium to high impact on the quality of the product. By optimizing the necessary and sufficient quality for the individual influencing variables, it is ensured that an end product of high quality with low quality fluctuations is manufactured.

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