Implement Curve Module

Production and assembly processes

Digital monitoring and storage of process parameters and their curve characteristics

Data interface, user interface

Flexible data interface to import curve data (online or via database). Graphical user interface to display curve characteristics with their individual parameters.

Standard interface to standard sensor data and controls: Analyser® ó process data management system / process data from MES system (IPM® from CSP)

Book of Knowledge

Stored causes of failures, recommended measures and solution proposals to fix the failures (optional). Effort: approx. 2 days for start filling

Teach-In process

One-time storage of curve specific expert knowledge for different failure types or other irregularities. Effort: 10 -20 min per new work sequence

Failure cause analysis

Automated analysis of the entire input data and identification of the occurred failure types during the process.  Graphical presentation of the results with failure type percentages and prioritized causes and measures / solutions (optional via Book of Knowledge). Real time: 1 -2 sec. from transmission of sensor data, up to presentation of failure types + measures

Implement Transfer Function Module

Production and assembly processes

Digital monitoring and storage of measurable product or process parameters and characteristic values

Teach-in main influencing parameters

Collect and prioritize the possible main influencing parameters and define them in the import interface of the Analyser®

"Book of Knowledge" for transfer functions

Determination of the transfer function(s) and cause-effect relationships for products or (sub)processes using statistical data analysis. Storage in the technology database “Book of Knowledge for Transfer Functions & AI Models”

Quality management and product / process optimization

Optimized parameterization and tolerance of products and processes through continuous prediction using forecast calculations using the transfer function(s). Real time: 1 – 2 sec. from transmission of sensor data to the forecast value including value for the control variable
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